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Experiencing and feeling your ideal and most beautiful teeth and smile has never been a real possibility, up until today! Twinsmile is about to change this with Testeneers. With this method, you can determine for yourself whether a cosmetic dental treatment, such as one with veneers, is worthwhil

All around the world, Twinsmile is collaborating with dental clinics. In doing so, many people will get to experience their most beautiful, radiant white smile – every single day.

The initiators of Twinsmile are genuinely proud to say that we can now offer every single person the possibility of experiencing his or her most radiant white smile. We understand very well that you might have individual questions about this. Make an appointment for a free of charge and no strings attached Smile-analysis, or take a look at the frequently asked questions.

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‘Creating happiness and self-confidence by offering everyone a beautiful, radiant smile’


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