Whether intentionally or unintentionally, your smile is the first thing being judged by others. It also carries the most weight in their eventual judgment: people are quicker and more vigorous in judging your smile than they are in judging your eyes, hair, smell and clothing. Your own smile is your most important accessory!
Are you not satisfied with your own teeth? Perhaps you find them too long, or too short? Or they are visibly crooked, stained or discoloured? Perhaps you have a gap between your teeth? Problems that could all be solved using facings and veneers! 

However, which dentist would dare to offer you the perfect facings or veneers, without knowing what it should eventually look like?

Our Testeneers® show you the effect of your new smile, without requiring any dental treatment! Testeneers® are custom-made, using synthetic materials. Our exclusively manufactured Testeneers® will let you test your new smile. After that, it is up to you to decide whether a cosmetic treatment using facings and veneers will be worthwhile. 
Would you like to have your Testeneers® made? Then, make an appointment right away for a free of charge and no strings attached Smile-analysis.


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