Before & After

As you can see, so many people are experiencing their ideal white and radiant smile with Testeneers. They dare to smile again! Are you also interested in a free of charge and no strings attached Smile-Analysis? Then make an appointment right away. Interested in some of our customers’ Before & After shots? You can find them right here


Veton is a true perfectionist. Whereas others might already be over the moon with a smile such as his, Veton still felt insecure about his pointed canine teeth. It only took 2 Testeneers for him to experience his even more beautiful smile, after which he opted for 2 porcelain veneers.


When she was younger, Andrea took a nasty fall that led to her losing a part of her tooth. She was also convinced that she had a gummy smile. The test with the Testeneers completely reassured her, and she has now chosen for 8 porcelain veneers.


Boris was very frustrated by his crooked teeth. Through the test with Testeneers, he got to experience what a straight smile would look like - and he chose for the Twinsmile Aligners.


Emma decided to put herself first, so that she would be able to smile! After some searching on the web, she ended up with Twinsmile and tested her ideal smile with Testeneers. “With veneers, she will conquer the city by smiling”. Get to know Emma!


Paul wanted to close up the gap between his teeth, but could not imagine what it would look like. Testeneers proved to be his much-needed solution. Eventually, he chose for 6 porcelain veneers. 


Linda already had a nice smile, but still wasn’t satisfied. She wanted perfection! With Testeneers, she tested the outcome – and look what happened, after we bonded 4 porcelain veneers to her teeth


Hassan was not happy with his teeth. He thought his teeth were too short and too yellow. Hassan had his Testeneers made - and the results were incredible!


Maria was insecure about her smile. She found her teeth to be too short. She came in for a free of charge Smile-Analysis and had her Testeneers® made. The results were astounding!


Ralph thought his teeth were not symmetrical enough, and his girlfriend recommended for him to contact Twinsmile. He tried Testeneers.