Who is Twinsmile?

Twinsmile is a Swiss company led by Dental Professionals, with its own Dental Clinics and Dental Labs in Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. From their own experience, the founders of Twinsmile noticed that there was huge demand – from the consumer/patient – for aesthetic and cosmetic dental improvements, but that there were no practical tools/protocols/processes in place that could help the patient/consumer in making his or her decision for a restoration/cosmetic treatment plan. Because of the development and application of these 8 unique, practical tools, the case acceptance rate instantly soared to over 90%. This was the reason that they wanted to professionalize this invention and make it available for a much larger audience – via the Dental Clinics.

Through the sharing of their passion for Dental Surgery and Dental Technique, Twinsmile has grown over the past years to a proven concept, which is applied – under a licensing structure – in many countries around the world. The founders of Twinsmile are well-known speakers at various global congresses, and also offer custom-made courses for diverse Dental Trade Organizations.

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Vanik Kaufmann

Carsten Dursteler