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    ‘decisions are not made by our rational mind’ 

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It might sound familiar: You write an aesthetic treatment plan, take X-rays and possibly construct a wax-up or mock-up, after which you take out plenty of time to explain the treatment plan to the patient – only to end up with their feedback: “Thank you, I will consider it.” Why is he or she not immediately agreeing to the treatment plan? Does he or she lack trust? Is something unclear? 

What we must do, is to take the patient on a dental journey. A dental dream – shared between your patient, your team and yourself, which you are about to turn into a reality. A first requisite for this is a well-thought-out emotional visual concept. Most of us will be familiar with the DSD (Digital Smile Design), which is a really good concept. However, it is mostly a treatment plan talking to us, the dental professionals. It is much too complicated to implement in a general practice, let alone that it will mean anything at all to the patient. Obviously, we could opt for designing a traditional mock-up or a digital visual mock-up. Yet it is not hard to see why sticky and often incorrectly colored mock-ups or cold and emotionless animations are not exactly healthy ingredients of the dental dream. Both techniques stimulate the rational, thinking part of the brain, therefore having an opposite effect. In short, up until now, a well-thought-out emotional visual concept has been sorely lacking.

Twinsmile is a proven concept in which several unique presentation tools are used. It starts off by carrying out a qualitative, yet simple digital Smile-analysis. Then, the CADCAM produced Tenteneers® are created and fixed to the patient’s teeth, and finally, the patient will experience his or her most attractive smile during the before and after video presentation.

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