Smile Analysis software

The Twinsmile Analysis software is a means of digital communication; and converts pre-determined aesthetic parameters in a language that is easily understood by the consumer/patient.

The consumer/patient is clearly shown the point of departure and will experience first-hand what must be changed in order to get his or her most radiant smile. Besides, the Twinsmile Smile-Analysis is a perfect means of communication for the dentist and the dental technician as well. The hastily putting together of tricky Keynote and Powerpoint presentations will forever be a thing of the past!


The Twinsmile-analysis software has two variants:

The Quick Check:

The Quick Check contains the three most important facial reference lines. First of all, the middle line is analyzed, followed by the pupil line in comparison with the occlusion side. Finally, the ideal Smile-line will easily and swiftly be analyzed!

The Pro Check:

The Pro Check contains all of the objective aesthetic parameters and face reference lines through the detailed 10-point analysis:

  • Position of the Central Line
  • Smile line
  • Color
  • Width of the Smile (Buccal Corridor)
  • Tooth axes
  • The Golden Proportions
  • Length / Width
  • Incisal Embrasure
  • Red / White aesthetics
  • Gingival Papillae

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