• Courses "Increase Dental Happiness"

    More patients & improved aesthetics, 

    by Tom Huigen & Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian

Increase Dental Happiness Courses

Amongst dentists, a case acceptance of more than 30% is already considered to be quite high. Roughly translated, this means that if you pitch your treatment plan to 10 patients, only 3 of them actually go through with it. Staggering, right? What’s even more staggering, is what will happen if your practice decides to focus on serving the emotional part of patient’s minds instead

Case acceptance numbers might soar to over 70%, leading to a much larger number of patients that are willing to go through with your proposed treatment plan! Not only will this be more satisfactory to you, as you do not have to throw out nearly as many carefully composed plans; it will also be a major financial boost to your practice. After all, you will more than double your revenue – with the same number of patients. 

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