Emotional Course

Far too many people are not satisfied with their smile and teeth. However, during a routine dentist visit, very few of our patients are able to properly express their wishes and feelings. This is for a variety of reasons. For example, you have – as a result of your crowded agenda – only very little time for social talk; your cold and sterile treatment room does not add to a proper 1-on-1 intake (Smile-analysis); and you are often hampered by your dental knowledge and corresponding vocabulary, that your patient sorely lacks. These are only some of the reasons of why we are more likely to encounter unnecessary, mutual incomprehension instead of a concrete, actionable treatment plan. Such a shame, because there is another way! During the Emotional Course, we will extensively discuss this topic, and answer the following questions:     

  • What is the ideal workflow in order to achieve a case acceptance rate of over 70% and who play a role in getting there?
  • Why is the introductory appointment (smile-analysis) with the patient the most important, how do we approach the discussion? What are do’s and don’ts?
  • How can we let the patient dream about his or her most beautiful smile, while staying honest and sincere about the dental possibilities and impossibilities?
  • What open questions should you (not) ask at what moment?

This course is designed by experience expert Tom Huigen. He has been running a highly successful multi-specialty dental center in The Netherlands, alongside a group of dentists. In this practice, everything revolves around the patient, and the Twinsmile concept has been fully integrated. Tom and his dental team have successfully implemented the emotional aspects of this course in his Dental Clinic. This is one of the reasons for his exceptionally high case acceptance rate, of more than 70%!

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