CADAM/Design Testeneers®

All of us have, at some point, shown the patient what his ideal smile might look like with a wax-up or mock-up technique. However, this method is not optimal. First of all, it is very time-consuming, you cannot delegate it to your assistant, the mock-up often deviates in shade from the desired end-result, and this technique is applied in the dental treatment room, which lacks the right atmosphere in order to convince the patient to agree with the definitive dental treatment plan.

The Testeneer® is the innovative product of Twinsmile. The Testeneers® are wafer-thin synthetic shells that are individually designed for each tooth, and consequently manufactured by milling or 3D printing. Our specially designed PMMA synthetic (blanks/liquids) guarantees – together with the Twinsmile developed Smile-analysis software – a qualitative and swift procedure.

Because the manufacturing and placing of the Testeneer® does not classify as a dental treatment, this procedure can easily be delegated to the Smile-consultant or the dental assistent.

The Testeneer® (which is a play on the words ‘veneer’ and ‘testing’), replaces the traditional mock-up and is an essential part of the total aesthetic and cosmetic treatment plan. Furthermore, it is a significant dental invention – it is a consumer-friendly cosmetic product that can easily be applied using the Twinsmile water dissolvable fixating gel.

Worldwide, the Testeneer® is sold via Dental Clinics as part of the total Twinsmile concept and cosmetic/restoration treatment plans, but they are also directly sold to the consumer via the so-called Twinsmile Shops in malls. If he so desires, the consumer can take his Testeneer® home with him, together with fixating gel, the proposed treatment plan and the Before and After video.

The Testeneers® are exclusively designed and produced (through milling/3D printing) in certified Twinsmile CADCAM centers. 

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