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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Truer words were never spoken. Many Dental Clinics try to increase their case acceptance by spending most of their time and energy on (mouth) photography, social talk and drafting a convincing treatment plan. However, they tend to overlook a crucial part of the dental journey: offering the patient a picture-perfect Before and After presentation. Taking the patient on a dental journey during the Before and After presentation, is a proven way of increasing case-acceptance through storytelling. Twinsmile knows this all too well, and developed a special Emotional Presentation App (which can be downloaded in the App-store). No need to fumble around with homemade, amateur-looking Powerpoint or Keynote presentations – the Twinsmile Presentation App is here. Guaranteed success!

App features:

  • Can be personalized for each patient (first and last name, individual texts)
  • Easily importing the desired photos and videos from the tablet library
  • Standardized order of slides ensures Perfect Emotional Storytelling
  • Your choice of countless (modern) background tracks to add the musical WOW-factor to the Before and After videos
  • Can be streamed directly to a large screen
  • The Before and After with the Testeneers slide in JPG can automatically be sent to the patient via email
  • Easily and securely saving presentations in the Cloud

The Twinsmile Emotional Presentation Software is developed by experience expert Tom Huigen. He has been running a highly successful multi-specialty dental center in The Netherlands, alongside a group of dentists. In this practice, everything revolves around the patient, and the Twinsmile concept has been fully integrated. Tom and his dental team use the App on a daily basis in the practice. Even better, the Twinsmile Presentation App was one of the reasons why his case acceptance soared to over 70%!

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