Dental Professionals

Twinsmile is a proven concept in which several unique tools are used.    

The 8 tools combined lead to the optimal Dental Journey and a case acceptance rate of over 90%. Because the 8 unique tools have been developed, tested and more than sufficiently proved itself within Dental Clinics, Twinsmile is guarantee for success!

The Twinsmile concept encompasses two kinds of memberships: the Dental Clinic membership and the Dental lab membership. The Free Dental Clinic Twinsmile membership preserve the right to offer the full Twinsmile concept to the consumer/patient and are introduced to potential customers/patients via the national Twinsmile website. The Free Twinsmile Dental lab membership have the right to sell Twinsmile courses and to manufacture and sell Twinsmile products – such as Testeneers.

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