• Get straight teeth – invisibly!

    Invisible, comfortable & detachable

    This is possible with the Twinsmile® aligner!

The Twinsmile Aligner Treatment

The certified Twinsmile aligner specialist will be accompanying you throughout the treatment, from the first intake meeting all the way up to the after care. 

Intake meeting

First, we will make an appointment for the intake meeting. During this intake, the free of charge Smile-Analysis, we will discuss all of your wishes and expectations. Based on your story and input, we will determine whether invisible braces might be your optimal solution. We will also determine how long the treatment will last. This is different for each person and depends on the abnormalities that the braces are devised to correct. On average, a treatment will last anywhere between 6 and 18 months. 

Impression of your teeth

Before the Aligner can actually be placed, we will create an (digital) impression of your teeth. This is done by means of an impression tray or an intra oral scan.

Discussing treatment plan

Based on the impression of your teeth, we can determine exactly where shifting and straightening of teeth is required. We will visualize this for you as well, so you get an instant image of what the end-result might look like. Next, we discuss the treatment plan and the desired end-result. The moment you agree to the plan, we will get started on custom-making your aligner.

Placing the first aligner

As soon as the invisible braces are ready, we will plan a meeting for having them placed. We will show you how to insert and remove the aligner and how to clean your invisible braces.

Periodical check-ups

You will have periodical check-ups with your Twinsmile® aligner specialist for your new, custom-made aligner. During these appointments, we will also check the condition of your teeth and look at the progress of the treatment.

After treatment

After wearing the invisible braces, you will have straight and shiny teeth! In order to help you keep the teeth straight, we will place a retainer right behind your teeth. This retainer will make sure that your teeth remain in the right position.

If you are eager to find out more about invisible braces, you can always contact us to discuss the possibilities of the Twinsmile® aligner.

Are invisible braces an option for you? 

Invisible braces are suitable for virtually anyone who dreams of straight teeth. You can start wearing the aligner once your jaw is fully-grown, which is usually the case from 18 years onwards.

Would you like to get Aligners for a radiant smile, or would you like more information about Twinsmile® Aligners? Make an appointment for a free of charge and no strings attached Smile-analysis of Twinsmile.

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