• Get straight teeth – invisibly!

    Invisible, comfortable & detachable

    This is possible with the Twinsmile® aligner!

Twinsmile Aligner

All too often, people are unhappy with the positioning of their teeth – and not everyone gets excited about the prospect of wearing the well-known braces. We now offer an alternative that is both detachable and nearly invisible. Ideal for those who prefer their braces to be out of sight!

Short summary of treatment

  • Intake at a certified Twinsmile aligner dentist or orthodontist;
  • Creating dental impressions through an intra oral scanner or impression tray;
  • Discussing 3D-digital treatment plan;
  • Placement of first aligner;
  • Periodical check-ups and placement of follow-up sets.

The advantages of the Twinsmile aligner   

  • Quick and lasting results;
  • Nearly invisible;
  • Completely custom-made;
  • Can be removed for eating or drinking;
  • Treatment by a certified specialist

Are invisible braces an option for you?

Invisible braces are suitable for virtually anyone who dreams of straight teeth. You can start wearing the aligner once your jaw is fully-grown, which is usually the case from 18 years onwards.

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